​​Yoga and Breath Work to Support Your Menopause Journey

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The Place to Pause

Move from distress to ease, designed specifically for you and your menopause transition, where there is something for every body, every mood, and every type. As a member you get to take a pause, and practice anytime, anywhere.

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​​More Than Just Yoga


Curated for your individual needs

Did you know there are over 34 different symptoms we can face during our menopause journey? And many of them can be rebalanced and supported with yoga designed specifically for your menopause transition.

How can menopause yoga® help me?

Menopause Yoga® (MY) is well-researched, evidenced based and designed to support specific needs during your menopause journey. Based on principles from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western psychology, this is where you can pause and find support.

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​​No matter your needs or experience level, you'll find support here. From 5 minute breathing and meditation exercises to 30 minute yoga, designed to fit easily into your daily life.

Your Place to Pause

Designed to support women for their menopause journey

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